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cala rosa Bike hotel

The beauty of a holiday on 2 wheels

The ideal place where to spend your holiday on 2 wheels?
There’s no doubt about it! The Hotel Cala Rosa in Stintino, Sardinia.

In the saddle of your inseparable bicycle you will discover a corner of paradise: the Asinara National Park (at the extreme north western part of Sardinia) near the beautiful La Pelosa beach, with its fine, white sands and clear emerald waters that merge and intersect with the blueness of the sky.

Come and discover our land, departing from the Nurra region, and following a charming itinerary that stretches from Asinara National Park to the Porto Conte Regional Park.
The area is characterised by a wide range of different types of scenery: rolling hills, tough climbs and long straight roads through the ancient mining and Nuragic sites, archaeological areas and maquis shrubland, vineyards, local cuisine and tradition...

exclusive services

Tailored to you

Here you will find a wide range of custom-designed ingredients which will help to make your biking holiday a unique experience.

Professionalism and skill in the cycling sector thanks to the many exclusive services on offer. You can also find bikes for hire: city bikes in aluminium for leisurely rides, front and full suspension mtb for those seeking new "off road" emotions or ultra-light racing bikes for all kinds of tours. Book your bike in advance based on your requirements. Special week-long offers for cycling tourists and groups, with truly exceptional discounts and package tours. Please be sure to contact us for a personalised offer!

The bicycle corner

A fully-equipped workshop

"The bicycle corner" a safe bicycle storeroom where you can leave your tireless, 2-wheeled friend to rest. (available from 2014). A fully-equipped workshop for small everyday repairs or a last-minute check before your excursion. (available from 2014)

good food

Sports menu

Every morning, sandwiches, fruit and water are available for your break during the excursion. Each afternoon, when you return, a rich snack will be at hand to help you get your strength back. At the dinner table we provide good food thanks to the special attention of our experienced Chef, who not only prepares rich buffets of vegetables and desserts, but also a range of Sardinian specialities and special menus for sportsmen and women.

super half board

A special offer for you

Our special "super half board" formula with water, soft drinks and local wine included during meals. A welcome drink in the hotel with a presentation of our hinterland.

An expert guide

To accompany you in your pedaling

An expert guide who will accompany you during your bike excursions. A book with fantastic, clear, detailed itineraries, complete with altitudes and distances in kilometres for those who want to discover our magnificent land on their own. Discounts at specialised shops and workshops and suppliers of exclusive products for cyclists.

small wellness room

To get back into shape after long rides

Small wellness room for massages and for getting back into shape.

Click here for more details on our beauty center.


To whet your taste a little, here are some of our itineraries:
North West Sardinia offers cyclists the possibility to pedal peacefully on almost all of its roads. The lack of noise exalts the sounds of nature and amplifies the cyclist’s relationship with the scenery.

Come and discover our land! For cycling fans, we recommend the Asinara Island, where pleasant routes takes you through a sprawling range of wild plant life, charming scenery and fascinating ex-prison sites.

Another amazing route runs through the Nurra region, which spans from Asinara National Park to the Porto Conte Regional Park.
This area, characterized by wild clifftops that peak above the sea and the soft profiles of the inland elevations, offers cyclists a wide range of scenery. It spans from Capo Falcone, crossing the fascinating Argentiera (the mining village located directly on the sea that is part of Sardinia’s Geo-mining Park) to the Lago di Baratz and the vast inlet of the Porto Conte Regional Park. From here, we reach the peak of the monumental Capo Caccia (having descended the 656 steps of the charming "Escala del Cabiro") and arrive at Neptune’s Grotto. We find the Nuraghe of Palmavera on the road between Porto Conte and Fertilia. Pedalling on amidst several Nuragic sites, archaeological areas and natural territories, this fantastic route finally leads to Alghero, the so-called "Coral Riviera".

Asinara National Park

Asinara Island, which can be reached from the new port of Stintino and from Porto Torres, offers visitors the opportunity to experience a pleasant stay and numerous excursions: by sea, trekking, bike and mountain bike or jeep. The itineraries of the coastal stretches and the areas further inland are also interesting for their bird life. The white donkeys native to this island are worth a special mention. The route is fascinating and beautiful!

From Asinara National Park to the Porto Conte Regional Park

Off we go, with our departure from Capo Falcone! Direction: Capo Caccia on the trail of the Nurra hinterland and then back down again towards Alghero. From here we take the coast road and admire the splendid Coral Coast and the ancient Nuragic site of Palmavera. In cycling terms, this is a fairly difficult route, with no particularly strenuous sections but a series of uphill climbs requiring the use of low gears. The route is around 100 Km long.

The Hills towards the Argentiera

A route that crosses the inland hillside, or the road that crosses Pozzo San Nicola and Palmadula and leads to the old Argentiera (the mining village that looks out over the sea and is part of Sardinia’s Geo-mining Park), affording the cyclist breathtaking views of the sea, hills and old villages… and strong emotions! In cycling terms, this is a route of average difficulty, a good part of which is on the level and with uphill climbs at certain points for which gear adjustment is required. This is a charming, moving route!

The Rocks of the Nurra region

This route follows the western part of the promontory and takes the cyclist through the ancient properties of the shepherds who built dry stone walls in each important area, large vineyards and protected countryside until he reaches the Lago di Baraz. In cycling terms this is a fairly difficult route, with no particularly strenuous sections but a series of uphill climbs requiring the use of low gears. An exciting, captivating route!

Tours for climbers

A continuous series of ups and downs along the hillside on the back of Capo Caccia. The route is not very long, around one hundred kilometres, but it requires a good deal of effort and experience. As is usual for the routes in this part of the country, there’s a bit of everything: curves, climbs and downhill sections. There is not much level ground, and this might not suit long-distance cyclists and those who favour higher gears.

Monte Doglia

An extremely complex itinerary, which touches on the Nuragic site of Palmavera, crosses a thick pinewood and opens up to give the cyclist a view over the Porto Conte Gulf and Alghero on one side, and the vast plane of the Nurra region on the other. We recommend departing from Stintino by bicycle and reaching Alghero. A breathtaking, captivating route!