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meeting and congresses

The best for your business

Hotel Cala Rosa has a comfortable conference hall for meetings and congresses, featuring:

  • speaker’s table
  • platform
  • podium
  • podium reading light

  • giant screen for video projection connected to a pc
  • table microphone
  • wi-fi connectivity
  • technical and IT room

Additional services

technical facilities on request

On request, guests can hire a full range of additional technical systems and services including:

  • audio and/or video projection systems
  • table microphones
  • wireless microphones
  • light indicators
  • pc and/or notebooks
  • additional screens and monitors
  • technician to provide assistance with the systems

Beside the conference hall there is a furnished secretary’s office and an area with an internet station and wi.fi. connectivity.

In our Signorini Hotels, the most prestigious Club Services have been organising meetings and symposia.